Snorkel Chinchorro

Inside the diving expeditions to the Banco Chinchorro atoll, declared Biosphere’s Reserve, there is room for the snorkel enthusiasts that carry out their activity in shallow  waters close to the diving spots. A snorkel-specialized guide will be with the partipants all time and will introduce them into the amazing marine life in the atoll.

The major attraction for the snorkels are the healthy coral reefs, full of life: turtles, nurse sharks, snappers, barracudas…, and the visit to a wreck from Nineteenth Century barely 16 feet deep, whcih allows to be able to see it from the surface.


Banco Chinchorro's Biosphere Reserve
minimum 8 snorkel or 6 divers
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Brain coral
Gorgonian or fan coral
Barrel sponges
Nurse sharks
Tropical fishes
Pink snail