This time, the famous and beautiful Bacalar lagoon will be the scenario for our adventure, recalling the pirate attacks to this place carried out since XVII century. Aboard our kayaks, we will cross the colorful lagoon, first to observe the luxurious and picturesque houses along the shore; then we will visit any of the seven “cenotes” surrounding the lagoon and providing it with water and we will practice some snorkel; if the group still has strength, we will row up to an area with stromatolits, bacterias that were one of the firsts living beings in the planet. After that we will visit the “Channel of the Pirates”, a pitch between the mangroves to, finally, having lunch in a beautiful restaurant with wonderful lagoon views.

Seven Colours Lagoon (Bacalar)
Minimum 2 people
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What to look for?

Deep "cenotes" inside the lagoon
Reefs of stromatolits
Buildings from the XVIII century
White, blue and grey heronts
Roseate spoonbill
Falcons and birds of prey