Cultural route

Interesting tour where visitors will be able to immerse, in just one day, in all the historical and cultural sides of this region of Quintana Roo, known by the ancient Mayans as “the region of the Big Lakes”. The tour starts with a guided visit inside the archaeological site of Chacchoben, known as “the Red Corn city”,  a very interesting spot that shows, not only temples and pyramids, but also the remains of the old town where the Mayans lived. After that, we visit the “Cenote Azul” (the blue cenote) in the “Magic Town” of Bacalar, where visitors will have the chance to swim in its cristal waters and have a drink. Lunch takes place in a cozy restaurant beside the famous Bacalar Lagoon, also known as “the 7 colors lagoon”. The tour ends visiting the San Felipe fortress in Bacalar, built by the Spaniards in the 18th Century, and that today has inside a museum that goes through the past of this wonderful region, since the prehispanic period until the creation of the current Quintana Roo State.

Chacchoben, Cenote Azul, Bacalar
minimum 2 people


Pyramids and archaeological sites
Spider monkeys and foxes
Aguilas y buitres zopilotes
"Cenote Azul"
Bacalar Lagoon
Historical museum
Bacalar Magic Town