La Poza

Without doubt, this is the "star" diving spot, not only from Xcalak, but in all this region. It is a wide passage with high walls where a colony of huge shads - with 6.5 feet and over 330 pounds- do live. It is quite common to have streams in this diving.

La Chimenea

Although it is possible to see big barracudas in this place, this diving spot is not the one to see life, but to get into fun and beautiful caves and cracks that go across the reef. The entrance to the cave called "La Chimenea" is around 88 feet depth.

La Pozeta

This is another popular diving in the Reserve, where depth does not exceed 49 feet and sand bottoms combine with reef walls. Here, you can see snappers, eagle rays, groupers and, inside the coral cracks, lobsters and morays.

Average diving time (minutes)
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