Discover Scuba Diving

The option for those who haven't tried diving before, they can discover the reef and its marine life hand in hand with an instructor. Some practices in the beach and a diving in the reef from the boat. The best way to start!

Open Water Diver

This is the initial certification that allows you to dive all around the world. You need from 3 to 4 days and it includes several practical classes in confined waters, theoretical classes and 4 immersions in the sea from a boat.


This is a two-day course to achieve and advanced level...It allows you to be able to carry out night dives, to go under 30 meters, improve your technical skills and learn more about environmental side of the marine world.


Fun and interesting rescue course, where diver will learn to deal with emergencies, accidents or unexpected issues inside and outside water. Essential skills if you have professional goals.


Breathing different air mixes to be able to extend bottom time in the divings -among other advantages- requires technical knowledges to be able to use Nitrox in a safe and responsible way.

Buoyancy workshop

One of the keys to be a good diver is to achieve a perfect buoyancy. This two-day workshop shows the secrets of this skill and totally changes the student's standard of diving.

First Aid Provider

Getting the First Aid certification is indispensable to get the Dive Master title. This course provides the necessary technical skills to know how to assist others in case of an emergency.

Oxygen Provider

To assist with oxygen in case of a diving accident can save lives, but it is necessary to know under which circumstances it can be used or not. This course teaches to provide oxygen in case of an emergency.

Chamaco Divers

This is our special program for kids between 12 and 16. In it, we don't only teach them to dive but we also instill the responsibility with nature through other activities in the jungle, the mangroves and lagoons.


To start in technical diving nothing better than beginning with this course where we teach a new equipment setting based on the side mounting of the tanks. More comfortable, safer and more pro.

Intro to Cave

Six-day course that teaches the basic techniques to become initiated in the cave diving, the world's most dangerous sport. It is a very technical course in which you will learn how to act in caves and caverns.


To become a professional of diving requires a wide education and training. Develop your leadership skills and improve your technique and your abilities to become a good dive master.