Its heavenly name it is the real descent to hells, the Maya underworld. A deep dive just for experienced divers. A sinister scenario that could have been taken from a Tim burton film. Our favorite.

Gran Cenote

Beautiful and mystic at the same time. It is one of the best prepared in the Mayan Riviera and offers a classic cenote's profile. A diving between 17 and 32 feet where you can enjoy natural incoming lights and random and karst white shapes.

Dos Ojos

It is the cenote par excellence, the most visited in Quintana Roo. White columns that look like melting vanilla ice creams. Spectacular light entries. It has two different dives: the "Bat cave" and the "Barbie Line". The average depth is from 26 to 32 feet.


Another one of our favorites. Very fun as to get in you must jump to the water from almost 10 feet height. In the cavern, two peculiar phenomenon can be seen: thermoclines (temperature changes in the water) and haloclines (salt and fresh water).


Today known as "Casa Cenote". It is, actually, an open air dive under the mangroves of this region. The roots of these trees and the incoming lights offer a dream setting where nature becomes art.


Before, the taxi drivers used to wash their cars here, now, divers enjoy this place where flowering water lilies growing in the bottom surface full of beauty. Besides turtles and fishes, from time to time, a small crocodile can be also seen.

Average diving time (minutes)
Water temperature (°C)
Recommended suit (mm)
Average depth (m)
Average visibility (m)